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About OakStone Health and Nutrition

OakStone Health and Nutrition was founded by Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) Samantha Turner in 2021. Samantha realized that there was a need for nutrition services in her community and wanted to be a part of helping her community (West Piedmont Area – Franklin County, Henry County, Martinsville City, Patrick County).

  • Our vision is to help build healthy, sustainable lifestyle habits through services that will meet the nutritional needs of both our individual clients, groups, partnering organizations, and community.
  • Our mission is to provide professional and highly effective nutrition services to clients and organizations. We want to empower the clients we work with to make healthier food choices through nutrition counseling, evidenced-based education, nutrition programs and resources.

OakStone Health and Nutrition is a dietitian private practice that is specialized in providing personalized nutrition counseling and education services through expertise in nutrition, as well as, promoting health and preventing disease. OakStone Health and Nutrition works with individuals, groups, workplaces, and media to provide evidenced-based dietary advice and information for healthier living. The scope of our business offerings cover areas, such as nutrition counseling, group education classes, corporate wellness program development, promoting healthy eating habits, individual and family meal planning, grocery store/pantry planning, medical nutrition therapy, and more.